Heart and soul

Ini habit 2 org anak kesayangan saya.suka tido dalam keta.peliknya kat rumah tak suka pulak tido.apapun they both are my heart and soul. May Allah bless them both .




Dear Kafeel,

Ummi knows your passion of collecting aircrafts (until today you have collected 3 airplanes although some parts of planes have been broken). Since you are so in love with collecting airplane, so ummi dedicate this post especially for you.

Kafeel, if one day you choose pilot as your ambition, please dear Kafeel be like Kapten Norudin. He is hebat in airplane technology and also as a pilot but he is also Allah’s Slave. He loves his career but never leave religion behind (Islam). So please love your career but the utmost part is love your God and Religion (Allah and Islam)



Vaccination and AEFI

Some of us may not know what is AEFI of vaccination until it happens to us. Like myself, I have also very little knowledge regarding vaccination/immunisation. I was a “zero mother” when I was expecting my first and second baby (nuha, kafeel). I just follow what other mums do while in pregnant and after give birth. I did not have any effort to study about all these things.

Then after I heard about AEFI, I eager to find out what is actually vaccines and AEFI. To my surprise, Nuha had some of AEFI symptoms like eczema, asthma, late-speaking ability and very slow in self development. I thought it was a normal to Nuha. But thank goodness it was not happened to Kafeel (because I have learned a lot of things of vaccination before he was reached 2 years old). I still remember we had tried our best to find the best solution for Nuha to cure her eczema (e.g seeing specialist doctor at Gippsland hospital and spend a lot of money to buy medicine).

I dont want to campaign here, I just want people to know what is AEFI. As an academician I have responsibility to spread the good thing. Most of us are still taboo with all these. We have our RIGHT to choose the best for our kids.

Khatam Quran

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Alhamdullilah, harini ini Nuha khatam al-quran. Khatam al-quran ini adalah khatam quran peringkat Negeri Terengganu. Syukur, hajat saya tercapai untuk melihat dia pandai membaca quran pada umur 5 tahun. Walaupun masih merangkak-rangkak, tapi bila diberi baca surah mana-mana, dia mampu membacanya. Mudah-mudahan, Nuha lebih pandai membaca lagi dan mungkin selepas ini dengan taranum, amin.

Saya berpercaya apa yang kita doakan and minta kepada Allah, Allah akan memakbulkannya dengan syarat kita sentiasa menjadi hambaNya yang soleh.


Ummi and walid so proud of you. You have done your best dear. May Allah grant you great intelligent and be solehah daugther.

Hello there..


Lamanya sudah tidak bersiaran. Hidup ini sudah dipenuhi dengan pelbagai aktiviti yang perlu dipenuhi. Hari berlalu tanpa sedar, dan sungguh tak sangka kita almost close to the new year 2014. Hidup saya sudah berubah 360 darjah. Jaga anak, mana kerja lagi. Anak dua orang rasa dah macam 4 orang anak. Kerja oh kerja. Kerja kena capai KPI. I thought after completing PHD, no more research. OMG!!!!! I was wrong. Totally wrong. This is a start for me to do more research. Yup, I love my job very much. Not only as a researcher but also as a lecturer. I could not think other job that suits me well. Trust me, being a lecturer is a blessed. I love mingle around with students and colleagues. So, kekawan, I mean woman out there, if you are looking for a new job, lecturer is the best job ever, I bet you that you’ll never regret :). Alright, I shall leave you here and will come back with the new post..InshaAllah (Suddenly, I wanting to resume this habit again, WRITING!!!!).


Our first raya this year at my hubby’s kampung Singapore