Her full name is Siti Nuha Amni. You know what, previously, I fought with hubby whether to put the front name Nur or Siti. Finally, hubby agreed to put the first name Siti after two persons lobbied with that name. Owh its my mum and mother-in-law. So, yeah it’s the continuity of SITI. Talking about Nuha, she is born in Traralgon. A small place in Victoria. And believe or not, during her delivery she was the only baby with the black hair. Her look likes a Chinese baby. No wonder people would surprise when they look at her tan-skin parents. She is so opposite from us when it comes to skin colour. Now, she is going to 2 years old. Nuha is a wonderful daughter. She cries for me to pamper herself when she wants to sleep. Loves to eat fruits and biscuits. Loves to mingle around with friends and amazingly she can say KuKon, means Assalamualaikum. One thing about Nuha when she shows her disagreement is crying. Her crying makes ummi and walid concede. Nevertheless, both of us pray for her best future and grow up to be a better person who loves her religious and voluntary provide assistance to anybody else. And make her ummi and walid proud of her.

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