Drunken jobless driver

Can you see how long the title of this entry is?

And can you understand what am I trying to tell?

Yes, my car was hit by a car that drove by a drunken jobless not-so- gentleman….

It’s actually happened on Thursday’s night at my friend’s house. My friend had a housewarming for us, the PhD students. At around 9.30 something (sorry I really forgot the time), after finishing the meals and chit chat, my husband had gone to the car earlier than us. At that time I was standing at the door and suddenly heard something. It’s like something heavy thing that throwing from a higher place. At first I made fool with that sounds and I thought maybe that was someone doing something. So I just ignored. Suddenly Kak Rohaiza told me that my car was hit by a car. I was like shoked and I saw a friend of us running after a car and like yelling to ask something from that moving car. At that time then I realised that my car was utterly caught in accident and the bad thing is my husband was almost being hit too. It is because when the car hit my husband was standing just closed by. Alhamdullilah, nothing hazard is happened on him.

Luckilly, our OZ friend (Dave) acted fast by running after the car. And the man stopped and hopping out from the car. Dave took all information from that man. We couldnot say anything as the man was drunken and afraid that he might do something bad. We rely everything on Dave. Dave was really brave and like the hero. 😀 Thanks a lot.

Hubby was writing on the paper so that it’s easy for us to recall about the accident.

Can you see our old car…so sad right. I was like wanted to cry. And thank god Hubby was safe and I thought Allah protects him.

The bad thing was all the information provided by that drunken man was false. Nevertheless, we managed to capture the car’s plate number as an evidence for lodging a police report. On our way to house, Hubby asked to me to be patient and tawakkal on what had been happened.