Hello there..


Lamanya sudah tidak bersiaran. Hidup ini sudah dipenuhi dengan pelbagai aktiviti yang perlu dipenuhi. Hari berlalu tanpa sedar, dan sungguh tak sangka kita almost close to the new year 2014. Hidup saya sudah berubah 360 darjah. Jaga anak, mana kerja lagi. Anak dua orang rasa dah macam 4 orang anak. Kerja oh kerja. Kerja kena capai KPI. I thought after completing PHD, no more research. OMG!!!!! I was wrong. Totally wrong. This is a start for me to do more research. Yup, I love my job very much. Not only as a researcher but also as a lecturer. I could not think other job that suits me well. Trust me, being a lecturer is a blessed. I love mingle around with students and colleagues. So, kekawan, I mean woman out there, if you are looking for a new job, lecturer is the best job ever, I bet you that you’ll never regret :). Alright, I shall leave you here and will come back with the new post..InshaAllah (Suddenly, I wanting to resume this habit again, WRITING!!!!).


Our first raya this year at my hubby’s kampung Singapore

I am new

I am still young..young at the age of 32

At this age, I believe people could judge me that I have little experience in life

Yes I admit that

While I admit that argument

Still I believe I can be a good judge

A ‘judge’ just to tell myself what is wrong and what is right

God, the Almighty, grants me eyes and brain to evaluate the surrounds

After a while waiting for the answer; and now the answer is there

While ago the instinct was unsure

I guess due to devils influence (Yes indeed)                                                                            

Yes, I want change 

To tell others that what they thought all this while was wrong

To tell them ‘hey people, we change all this’

To tell them ‘hey people, we want something new’

To tell them ‘hey people, be the new one’

Some must say it a waste

But for me, its better now or never

And it will never too late