Vaccination and AEFI

Some of us may not know what is AEFI of vaccination until it happens to us. Like myself, I have also very little knowledge regarding vaccination/immunisation. I was a “zero mother” when I was expecting my first and second baby (nuha, kafeel). I just follow what other mums do while in pregnant and after give birth. I did not have any effort to study about all these things.

Then after I heard about AEFI, I eager to find out what is actually vaccines and AEFI. To my surprise, Nuha had some of AEFI symptoms like eczema, asthma, late-speaking ability and very slow in self development. I thought it was a normal to Nuha. But thank goodness it was not happened to Kafeel (because I have learned a lot of things of vaccination before he was reached 2 years old). I still remember we had tried our best to find the best solution for Nuha to cure her eczema (e.g seeing specialist doctor at Gippsland hospital and spend a lot of money to buy medicine).

I dont want to campaign here, I just want people to know what is AEFI. As an academician I have responsibility to spread the good thing. Most of us are still taboo with all these. We have our RIGHT to choose the best for our kids.

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