Salam everyone,

How’s life going on? Hoping that everything is always on what we desire with God’s willing..inshaAllah. I dont know why suddenly I wanted to have this post, which is about fashion. I guess the last time I wrote about fashion was on my old blog and till that I halt to write about it. Yeah surely because I busy with daily activities or perhaps because I dont bother with fashion anymore after I entitled as a student. Dont get me wrong, fashion is still with me. Nevertheless, the fashion that I like must depict that I am now is a mother and a wife. That fashion should highlight whom I am now. And the priority fashion must follow what Islam ask for. MUST COVER EVERYTHING FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, isnt it?

Before married, I enjoyed to follow any fashion I like which promising the confident during I wear. After married, all that I wanted to wear should get permission from my hubby cause he is very particular on what I want to wear. Even, when I go out shopping I should ask ‘this’ and ‘that’ as if he is my fashion designer :D. But I never regret with it. That’s the way it should be. And now, after having a baby, the fashion should not be over. What I meant is that the election of the dress shows that you are a mother not anymore a single.

By the way, I went to a blog of an Indonesian and met this website. I very much like the dress wore by the models. Pretty much! It’s cold your eyes and the selection of the colors are soothing and interesting too :D.